Production started by mid-2015 (factory rental), company established January 2016

Investment: 1.5 million USD in assets (surimi machinery) + 2.5 million USD in working capital

Factory building rented to Ngoc Tuan Enterprise (10 years lease)

Production in 2016: 2,400 MT – 2017 : 5,200 MT – 2018 : 7,000 MT – 2019 : 10,000 MT

Staff in 2018 : factory and administration 200 p + fish cutting 220 p

Raw material sourcing from Quang Ngai to Thanh Hoa: flying fish, sea bream, horse mackerel,

itoyori and small volumes of lizard fish, sardine, ribbon fish, red gunnard …

Factory Management and Technology : support from Surimi Tech

Director: Pascal GUENNEUGUES

Special Design for High Efficiency (reduced water and energy consumption) – « Eco Friendly » Factory

New technology in Tropical Fish Surimi Manufacturing developed by Surimi Tech : high yield, low energy consumption, high quality (GS, Whiteness, Impurities), better hygiene (microbiology) …


Original company of Tam Phuong Nam (DL 79) is TP Fish Tech (Branch of TP Fishery Solution Joint Stock Company – DL 329) located at Hamlet 1, Ward 1, Duyen Hai District, Tra Vinh Province and operated by Mr. Huynh Thanh Tam (Director) from June 2015 to December 2016.

Tam Phuong Nam was established by Mr Tam in 2016 with a capital of 50 Billion VND

Location: 16A9 – 1, Tra Noc Industrial zone 1, Tra Noc Ward, Binh Thuy District, Can Tho city .

The factory is divided into 2 lines: one line for surimi and one line for frozen fish and seafood.

With the support of Future Seafood, Tam Phuong Nam purchased the factory Vinh Nguyen Seafood Limited (DL 79), upgraded the existing surimi line of the factory and installed a freezing tunnel for IQF products.

Operating this new factory in Can Tho offers several advantages compared to previous location in Tra Vinh:

–  The factory in Tra Noc Industrial Zone has a large waste water treatment capacity suitable for surimi production.

–  The technology from Bibun – Japan and Surimi Tech – Vietnam is state of the art for surimi production.

–  The good condition of the factory and large chilled water capacity insure best conditions for food safety and top
quality of the surimi processed by Tam Phuong Nam.  Marketing and Technical Support are provided by Future Seafood and Surimi Tech.